Human Rights Due Diligence: The key to resilience and social performance in turbulent times.

11 August 2020

A FREE introductory webinar – and an opportunity to enrol on a NEW, 5 module, interactive virtual learning programme. The programme will share what we’ve learnt about helping companies to devise and embed Human Rights Due Diligence processes over the last 16 years. Our aim is to grow a thriving, global community of high-quality practitioners, able to take this exciting work to the next level of transformational possibility.

The context:

Covid-19 has brought out the best and the worst of business. Some companies have quickly adapted to address the risks to people, tackled supply issues and supported the delivery of vital goods and services, while others have found themselves at the centre of outbreaks, or are drawing criticism for their treatment of employees, sub-contractors or suppliers. Many companies are receiving support, one way or another, from public funds.

As a result, companies' social performance is coming under further scrutiny, and support for legislation is growing. Meanwhile, companies that are more aware of the vulnerabilities of their different stakeholders, and whose managers are better at reading social risks and taking practical steps to improve livelihoods, are outperforming their peers.

How we can help:

twentyfifty has been working with business since 2004 to embed human rights due diligence (HRDD) processes into their operations and supply chains.

And now, major corporations, financial institutions and organisations such as the UN and the World Benchmark Alliance, say that embedding these HRDD processes within companies is mission-critical: vital for making rigorous progress towards managing social impacts, and to transform into significantly more sustainable businesses.

At twentyfifty, we also see this as a powerful process for driving innovation and building capability such that companies are better able to respond intelligently, with heart, to the multiplying social and ecological crises facing humanity.

Our webinar:

We invite you to meet us, hear more about our work and the new e-learning programme we are launching in September 2020.  We will:
•Share some of our experiences of corporate responses to Covid-19 from across the globe and multiple sectors
•Review what this has meant in terms of human rights impacts
•Facilitate a discussion about current corporate approaches to social responsibility
•Share some details of our training programme and respond to any questions

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